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Last night I watched Sarah's Holiday Party on HGTV, where my favorite designer threw a holiday party in her house for 200 people.  I have a total girl crush on her - and all her ideas are practical, simple and stunning.  The party was taped a few years ago, but I love picking up some of her tips and using them in my home - and maybe you will too.

Here's what I liked:

  • "Presentation is key when serving food for a holiday party. A few kale leaves add a hit of color to this cheese platter, while vegetables served out of glass vases are an unexpected yet elegant touch."  The cheese and flower shops she visited looked amazing, and I love the simplicity of the white dishes.

  • "Frasier fir is my Christmas tree of choice. Unlike other species with long, sharp needles, Frasier fir's short, soft needles allow ornaments to really stand out."  I would love to get a real Christmas tree next year, although right now it isn't practical since we're gone visiting family for much of the holiday.  I'm sure I would be overwhelmed with the choices, but I like the practicality of Sarah's tree suggestion.  We currently have loads of ornaments from when we were kids, which I love, but I think adding some white, silver and gold would look nice instead of so much red & green.

  • "I do simple things. Lots of candles. A tree where literally the branches have so many ornaments on them that they start to sag under the weight. But I don't go visiting those Christmas stores in the middle of July. My favourite ornaments are the simplest, the ones that come in boxes of twelve from Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Sears, you name it.  I don't do swags and garlands and things are impossible to put up and a nightmare to take down."  I loved the simplicity of her mantle decorations, and lighting candles is my favorite thing during the winter when it gets dark at 5:30 each night.

  • "Less is more. Buy fewer gifts for each person, but make sure they are good quality and will become keepsakes instead of temporary amusement." Amen.

  • "Try using something unusual for a tree skirt, like IKEA sheepskins for a soft, white glow under the tree."  We've used a plaid tablecloth from Meijer as our tree skirt, and it is time for an update.  The next time we head over to IKEA, I'm definitely picking some of these up for our house. 

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Tarah said...

I love Frazier Furs, but my reason is a bit different than Sarah's. I think they're perfect b/c the needles are sharp enough to deter little hands from touching too much and yet soft enough to not prick and hurt. The branches are also strong enough to hold ornaments of various weights without looking droopy. They're simply the PERFECT Christmas tree.

I love the idea of a tablecloth (or something other than a tree skirt) for a tree skirt. I'm going to try to remember that for next year.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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