decking the halls


I love when our house is decorated for Christmas and the routine of turning the lights on each night when I get home from work.  Last year, I posted about my ceramic Christmas trees and favorite ornaments.  This year, I thought I would show you some of Zach's favorite things about the tree.

First - he adds our Christmas cards and some photos of our ski trip to the tree in strategic spots.  Second - the two mittens (that came with Starbucks gift cards a few years ago) are placed on the branches to make the tree look like it has arms.  It makes us smile!

Since this was our first year with a mantle, I bought a nativity set on ebay.  It was always my job as a kid to take care of decorating the mantles, and I loved taking out each of the pieces of the nativity set and placing them carefully on display.  There are a lot of different sets to choose from, but this one was classic, simple, and white (my favorites).

Happy Christmas!


emilylime said...

I love the snowflake tree-topper! And the mittens! Your house looks like it should be on the pages of a magazine! I need you to come make over my apartment! :)

Heather said...

Hello, miss!!! I have checked back numerous times looking for a blog post, but to no avail!!! Where are you in the world?? J/k..I am sure you are busy wrapping up all of the holiday celebrations. I hope you are well. :)

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