creating my closet - part 2

After organizing my clothes, I shopped.  The trick was to buy for my own closet.  I've gained a better idea of the clothes I wear often and love on my body for school, church, & cozy weekend dates.  This quote helped me focus:

"Buy clothes that you’ll wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night— few people lead Saturday-night lives." 
                    --Lucky Magazine, December 2010

So using some Christmas gift money I stocked up on winter essentials from J.Crew.  With their sale items an additional 40% off, it could have been easy to get distracted by cheap thrills (dainty blouses, outerwear, or dresses).  But I'd done my assessment once my clothes were all in one place.  I needed a few more long sleeve tees and cardigans for the three winter months that loom ahead. 

To mix things up and add some youthful edge, I also experimented with some new pieces from Madewell, J.Crew's younger sister store.  Here are the items I picked:
this rich blue color is my favorite

warm, durable, and fabulous colors


drapey fabric and a cute, modern cut
cozy wool cardigan with a retro, grandpa style

If you need to add some essentials for your closet - 
 the 40% off sale is on again this weekend at J.Crew and
30% off sale at Madewell!


amber said...

i've been working on my closet too, and im almost done. yay!! looks like you are doing great too :) and i just love that stripes and sequin top - two of my favorite things!

hayley/tiny twig said...

love, love, love!

paula said...

great picks and such a great quote. This year I am hoping to only buy a few items. fingers crossed.

Bestie said...

are these from the factory sale? thanks for posting about madewell too.

loving your blog.

Bestie said...

ps posted last week on a few goodies i picked up from j crew factory. good for the closet.

emilylime said...

Thank you for your comments. Please come visit me and take me shopping. Your ability to pick classic pieces is unparalleled. You're a teacher, so you could teach me how to do that...right?

I am glad you like the color. It's called "Super Hero Blue" and is part of the Behr Disney collection. How fun is that? I figure when I get a house I will have to chose less dramatic colors, so now is the time to go bright! :)

I am having serious issues figuring out this blog stuff. Should have invested a little more in those college courses.

You should do the challenge. On second though, it may cause me to covet, so you can skip it. ;) You'd do fabulous AND gorgeous, I'm sure of it!

Lindsey said...

thanks girls! i loved shopping with such great deals to be had!

amber - be sure to post some pics of your closet. i love seeing other girls' clothes!

bestie - your picks are adorable. love your blog.

em - you have fabulous style and bravery :)

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