creating my closet - part 3

Once I cultivated a closet of items that work for me - sometimes a little inspiration is needed to avoid falling into a rut of boredom.  I have not been good about having a vision of my style, so this is my first attempt at building a digital style-board of outfits I'd love to recreate with pieces I already own. 

Instead of constantly feeding the desire to shop, I want to focus on contentment and simplicity - while still having a daily style that makes me feel good.  New items aren't necessary for that, but perhaps new combinations are the ticket to a creative closet.

1.  I absolutely adore reading Joslyn's outfit deconstructed posts.  Her bold jewelry, dresses, and wedges are my favorite

2. Reese Witherspoon's style is right up my alley - casual, classic, girly and approachable.  Her casual sweaters, flats, sunglasses, and cross-body bags are standards in my wardrobe (ok - not the sunglasses, but everything else).

plus, I think her hot pink necklace could be fun to recreate on the cheap...

3. Emersonmade's clothes are fabulous, but I love the simple styling with perfectly tailored pieces in neutral colors.

4. A few images from Liz's style inspiration posts

Now that I've compiled looks that I truly love, I'm seeing the trends in my style:

loads of neutrals // long, layered hair // cardigans // flat boots or ballet flats // all shades of blue //  little pops of pink or yellow or green //  dresses that hit slightly above the knee // menswear-inspired

part 1 - building my closet
part 2 - shopping for my closet


hayley/tiny twig said...

LOVE this. I need to do this exercise, but I feel like it would probably just make me sad that i only have maternity clothes to choose from. for some reason the fun of maternity clothes has worn off by the third time. ?? oh well! hope you are SOOOO well.

Lindsey said...

hayley -

you should do it! i would love to see your inspiration. it really was fun to pull together :)

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