the long winter

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.

But really I'm not sorry.  I've been having so much more fun living life with friends and family, and I haven't pulled myself away to blog.  No pictures snapped, no recipes recorded - but lots of memories are logged away in my head and many feasts have been eaten.

....books were read // carols sung // a children's Christmas program made us laugh // a whole two weeks of vacation time spent with my husband // big plans are being made by our brothers // sleepovers at our parents made us feel like kids again // zach's homemade whipped cream on hot chocolates //  candles and twinkle lights everywhere....

It was all about renewing our spirits for the new year.

Also, less blogging has meant more time to follow through: meeting up with friends (like this sweet girl and my childhood friend), eating healthier, exercising, and games (Settlers, anyone?).

I hope you understand, sweet friends.  I like writing when I am inspired, intrigued, or excited.  But right now, those feelings are on the back burner as I'm needing a little more rest, renewal and simplicity.  So, even though the holidays are over and the long winter looms ahead, I'm hanging on to the little bits of joy that I gained and letting the blog be for awhile. 

I hope the holidays made you ready for a marvelous 2011! 


hayley/tiny twig said...

feeling much of the same. xo. sorry we missed each other the other day. urgh. soon and very soon.

Heather said...

Well, bless your heart! I am glad you have been renewing your spirit. Hopefully 2011 is your best yet! Have a great day!!!!!!!! God bless you!

Ramsey said...

You guys are precious and I don't blame you one bit! I love just spending time absorbing memories and cherishing moments with the ones I love most! I got to enjoy lots of that over the Christmas holidays...I can't stand it when life has to be so busy!

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