one resolution for 2011

Chicago lights and snow
In the wake of the holidays, a deep calm has taken over our house.  Traditionally we schedule very few commitments in January, we don't travel much, and the weather keeps us tucked in our snug house most nights.  Even taking down our Christmas decorations was liberating - the house became more simple.  We both breathed a sigh of relief with the much-needed space

During wintry nights, I've been reading my favorite bloggers' posts and a line from Joslyn's post leapt out at me: 

"I want to dive into a few things and get really good at them, I want to 'specialize' a little more and 'generalize' a little less." 

...along with this bit from a "genius" little article: 

"I frittered away my brainpower on everyday problems because they felt safe, solvable, and significant -- those bills do have to be paid, after all. I had no space left for things that really matter to me, the ideas that need time and wonder to come to fruition."
...and all of a sudden, I have my first resolution ever:

Be Focused.

Somehow in the last five years, I've been lost between finishing school, finding a job, moving cities, getting married, and moving to three different homes.  2011 is a year of adventure for us, and I don't want it to slip by unnoticed.  Speeding through life - doing everything, but succeeding at nothing - is not the life I choose.  Instead, here are my "specialties" this year:

  • Cooking - While owning the fact that I am not a craft queen or talented artist, I am making this year about creating in my kitchen.  My mantra? Try new recipes; plan grocery lists; don't let those dirty dishes discourage!  
  •  Reading - I never feel more like myself than when I'm reading (if you're wondering, I was definitely the nerdy, skinny girl in huge glasses with her nose stuck in a book).  So I'm limiting my blog reading, tv-watching, and keeping my library stockpiled.
  •  Introspection - Although I've always been an introvert, that doesn't necessarily translate into self-growth and reflection.  I know the role I play as a teacher, but so many other areas of my life haven't had the same attention.  I want to spend time with a journal discovering who I am as a woman, wife, and daughter of the King.  Also - lose the "teacher hat" when I'm not at work - loosen up, laugh more, be merciful and more spontaneous.  Focus on celebrating each adventure.  (Oh boy, I saved the hardest one for last....!)

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Jordan said...

You are so cool.

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