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on our trip - finally back together again!

Using almost all modes of transportation, my husband and I are both finally home and together.  For those of you who have put up with my little hints, I can now fully explain the last 2 months....

Starting on the last day of February, husband left on a seven week trip to India to work in his firm's Hyderabad office.  Luckily his college roommate went at the same time and they had some crazy adventures there - including celebrating Holi and seeing Mt. Everest. 

At the same time, I stayed home (alone) for seven weeks and was lovingly cared for by our community of friends and family.  It was rough and good and challenging in ways I am still processing.  Hopefully this also explains why I couldn't give too much detail on the old blog (hello, possible internet stalkers).  I might write a post about life when your spouse is away, because it was really life-changing and priority-shifting for me.  And - I am SO glad he is home.

Following the seven week absence, we had planned a two week trip to Europe with our dear friends and just returned over this past weekend.  I flew to meet him in Rome, then we visited Florence, Cinque Terre, and ended in Paris.  It was incredible, like a second honeymoon - and coming home together was just as sweet (for those of you counting - husband was gone for nine weeks!).  I am still adjusting to having to share my husband with other people after having two full weeks together. 

p.s. it really did take all of the above methods to finally get home - and 20 some odd hours of travelling!

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