gifts from abroad

Nepal (those are large singing bowls at the bottom)
loving all the vibrant necklaces and that tiny little stool
Husband bought a Sherpa hat from this guy
Hyderabad, India -  the market close to Zach's office building

elephants and bangles
Florentine street markets

a tie booth
Husband did a surprising amount of shopping while he was away. Let it be known that he is decidedly not a shopper, however something about spending rupees was the easiest thing in the world...  On the other hand, I did not really shop at all and am totally regretting it now.  Thankfully, I love what he ended up finding - and wore most of my gifts on our Europe trip.

We decided to snap a few pictures before we gave everything to our family and friends so we could remember it.  Although most of this is from India and Nepal, it has trekked through Italy and France with a pit stop in Dubai.  I also included some of the shopping pictures above, so you can get an idea of where they were purchased -- it was killing me not to be in some of these shops stuffed with handcrafted items.

all the elephants lined up - trunk up is a sign of good luck

hand-painted paper ornaments from Nepal

beautiful scarves and cricket balls

hand-painted boxes and a set of coasters

some special items from Nepal - a metal yak, singing bowl (which Zach can play) and his Sherpa hat
ties picked from the markets in Florence

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