Roman cappuccino

Open since 1946, Caffe Tazza d'Oro happened to be right around the corner from the Pantheon and a five minute walk from our hotel.  Although we only had their coffee one morning, it was incredible - and really popular with the locals.  During the morning rush hour, people had their famed "30 second breakfast" - parking their Vespas right outside, standing at the counter with their espresso, and then continuing their commute .... a little different from the Starbucks drive-through, no?

Roman coffee was the best of our whole trip.  Once we got to Paris, it was a challenge to find a good (reasonable) coffee - one morning, we accidentally ended up with shocking espressos and a slightly grumpy barista.

Later that day, Husband was also treated by our hotel's owner to a cappucino at the most famous caffe in Roma (started in 1938) .  Once we got back home, we stumbled on tins of Sant'Eustachio coffee for sale at one of our favorite spots in Indy - Locally Grown Gardens.  This little store is even adding an espresso machine in June - so soon we will be able to have Roman cappucinos in our own neighborhood.  Cannot. wait.

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