his+hers: expressions in Florence



Our first day in Florence.  Who gets food poisoning?  This girl.

I was feeling pretty miserable and we still tried to go see sights - including the Uffizi Gallery since we had already booked tickets.  I won't go into details (you're welcome), but it was a sweet relief when Zach finally realized I was truly sick and let me go lay down in our hotel room.  He used the time to do a some market shopping, photo taking, and Florentine feasting.

It was a downer to have missed a whole day of Italian culture, but I'll post Zach's pictures to show some of the city tomorrow.  We did end up with another, better day in Florence later in the trip, while we were waiting for our overnight train to Paris.

p.s. Alli, of Hooray, and Brooke, of pure and noble, started this weekly series together - and I've joined them to play along!  Check out other his+hers posts here.

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