our night walk through Rome

starting off our night walk around 7:30 pm - a street between our hotel and the Pantheon
the piazza surrounding the Pantheon  filled with cafes
 notice the cobblestones which composed every street in Rome

date night in Rome = surreal

watching the locals in the windows

heading away from the Pantheon down a typical (gorgeous) winding street

a random, stunning church facade on our walk

this obelisk was taken from Egypt after defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra and now stands in front of the Parliament
love how the buildings were lit up
Trevi Fountain! 
No street directly comes to the fountain,
so you can hear the gushing water before you see it
tossing our coins to ensure our return to Rome
our dinner spot - more on that here
meals in Europe are more like events - I think we were here about 2 1/2 hours
and the family who owned this place was very memorable and unique 
as we strolled past again on our way back, the guys managed to catch a shot with the Moon in the background

Looking back on it, this was one of my favorite parts of our entire trip.  Sightseeing at night seems like less work, less chaos, and infinitely more magical. 

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