his+hers: favorite Rome meal


Antica Taverna, near Piazza Navona
bruschetta al prosciutto, mussels, jamon and parmesan
and best-ever baked eggplant parmesan

bruschetta al prosciutto & mussels


Trattoria del cav Gino
with a legendary antipasto platter, prawn risotto, and spaghetti carbonara


The guys came up with three simple criteria to determine which restaurants we would eat at:

  1. Restaurant must be further than 15 feet from a monument or museum.
  2. Waiters must not try to convince us to eat there.
  3. Cafe lights are always a bonus
We knew we had stumbled on a real gem when they ignored us for the first 10 minutes while trying to get a table. Honestly, the food in Rome was absolutely wonderful, and probably among the cheapest of the whole trip. 

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