A Weekend Moment from a Giant Snowglobe

Friday night began with loads of snow, so Zach and I headed out into the silent wonderland to try a new pizza place.  Then we picked up lots of cold medicine from the pharmacy and cozied in at home.  Zach has been so sweet about taking care of me for the past two weeks.  I'm so ready to beat this cold/cough nightmare of a virus.

On Saturday, my family came to visit and celebrate my dad's birthday at a fancy restaurant two doors down from our house.  They have the best homemade Donuts and Coffee dessert.  My little brother had just gotten back from Argentina and he brought lots of gifts, including a plaid hat that Zach basically refuses to take off.  We spent Sunday morning at Patachou and church, and then got ready for the Superbowl with homemade deep dish pizza.  Other than the pizza, it was a disappointing game - we love our Colts though. 
{ready for our date}
{snow out our front door}
{the boys + hats}
{my sweet family}

1 comment:

Rachel said...

I have GOT to make that pizza soon! :)

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