Zach and I have been flirting with a couple of ideas that we are ready to try during the month of March. 

The first is to cut back on all shopping expenditures for 1 month.  The last three months have been a bit excessive, and I find that I am spending too much time searching without really needing anything.  I would like to reallocate that time towards productive and meaningful alternatives (reading, cooking, exercise, writing).  Thanks to Joslyn for the idea of the spending hiatus.

Our second idea is to try out some vegetarian options in our diet, and to begin approaching food in a more healthy way.  We are both concerned with building beneficial habits now, so they stick with us over time.  I am continuing to read through The Kind Diet, and I would highly recommend it to any of you who have some nasty food habits you want to kick. 

In summary, here are our main goals for this month - in a list, of course:
  1. Cut out all non-essential shopping
  2. Limit lunch expenses
  3. Try vegetarian options at restaurants
  4. Visit a health food store (without being intimidated)
  5. Buy healthy food to see how we like it
  6. Try one new healthy recipe per week
If any of you want to join in with cutting down on spending or changing your diet let me know!  I'll post weekly updates on our progress.


Matt and Abby said...

After complaining that we need money for a second adoption, then spending $95 on a new swimming suit and then another $50 on a hot pair of orange leather shoes, and knowing all the time that Hannah is growing out of her cloth diapers and I need to spend about another $100 on that...I had decided on a spending fast already. Matt and I have done it several times but I ready to start again today. So I'm in!
And Hannah can get by for a while longer with the diapers she has.
But just so you know, we are going to FL in a few weeks and my bathing suits are all of the Target quality, maybe a little small, worn out and all cost around $15 (they are all 3+ years old). So I feel like I did need a new, quality, modest suit. Those are my excuses.

Lindsey said...

I'm going to FL too at the beginning of April. I always get bit by the "new spring clothes" bug, but hopefully I stay strong this year. I figured if I start while it still feels like winter, I might be better off.

So glad you're joining in. I think we may need to meet up for coffee sometime soon in the Fort :)

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