Before & After: Kitchen Lights


{too farmhouse-y with the speckled paint and also made a humming noise}

{too modern/80's for our taste)


{lights on}

{ grey & yellow breakfast nook}

{lights off}
 When we moved in a couple of months ago, I had some strong negative feelings about the lighting throughout the house (see this post).  As all new homeowners know, sometimes you just have to live with it and sometimes things you "hate" will end up growing on you (thanks for the advice Abby!).  We ended up deciding to pool our funds to update the kitchen lighting, since that is a room we use most often.  I also felt it was the room most in need of more cohesive lighting for the age of the house.

After some research, we ordered lights from Rejuvenation, Inc. based in Portland.  They were fabulous to work with, and their lights are hand-crafted in the U.S.  I couldn't love the lighting any more, and they have become the showstoppers of our kitchen.  The milk glass is designed to magnify the light from a bulb, so they work just as well in a kitchen as they do in a schoolroom.

p.s.  Thanks for your kind comments this week.  I appreciated the advice some of you gave, as well as hearing from those of you who can relate to being away from friends, family and home.  Sometimes the most important thing is just to know you're not alone in your experience and then to pick yourself up and keep trying, right?

p.p.s  Props to my husband for putting these up in our kitchen :)


suzy rowland said...

hey lindsey! i was at the broad ripple farmers market today and thought maybe i'd run into you! i love looking at your blog and the inspirations you have. so simple and classy. love it. i know the feeling of missing fort wayne (home). but great family down here and a great body of believers have a made a huge difference! just wanted to say hey!
suzy (brandenberger) :)

Matt and Abby said...

Thanks for the shout out! And I really like those lights much better. I just tend to get lazy and wish I could change something without doing a lot of work. You guys sure are putting in the hours! You colors look great in all your rooms. You should email Better Homes and Gardens your before and after pics. You could totally work the angle of young, first house, etc. All they have are professional decorators. It would be nice to see someone young and normal but with great taste in the magazine!

paula said...

Looks gorgeous! you have such great taste.

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