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Inspired by our trip to the penrod, I'd love to get some art up on our walls.  There are a lot of blank spots around the house since we haven't really invested much in art thus far.  Here are some things I'm loving to show some of our personality.......

Sharon Montrose - Baby Giraffe No. 3

Michelle Armas - Payton

Sarah and Bendrix - White Hearts
Miles of Light - marina sea sponge
Michael Penney's - DIY cyanotype art
Chalk Chalk - 1982 schwinn the sting print

In addition, I love this little post about building a gallery wall by Emily.  A gallery of pictures usually looks amazing, but it seems intimidating to me.  Anyone else feel the same?

She makes it look simple and uses the NYPL Digital Gallery to print art for FREE!  I would love to spend some time browsing and printing during the long winter months.  It's the perfect time to do easy, indoor projects to perk up your space.  I'm thinking the blank wall over our couch is in need of some love.

I love the octopus and seahorse prints...and would like to hunt for a framed vintage map.

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