finds: milk glass

newest additions perched on a shelf
My collection of milk glass has been growing over the summer since I've had some time to check thrift and antique stores.  I started with a small planter from an Etsy seller, for which I totally overpaid once shipping was included.  Since then, I've found several more planters from Goodwill for about $2 apiece. 

I hadn't considered any bigger milk glass pieces until I saw this style of vase at Midtown Antiques.  But for $25, I couldn't justify snatching it up.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted two of the exact same vase for only $4 at Goodwill last week!  I'm planning to fill them with flowers over the weekend for a Sunday brunch with our small group, but for now I just like them sitting on a shelf near my kitchen sink.

good bones, great pieces
Sarah Richardson shelves her milk glass collection
see my planter in the bottom center?

1 comment:

paula said...

love milk glass. I have the same vase too.

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