a wishlist

J Crew polka dot tights
Urban Outfitters Ikat Dots pillow
Anthropologie flowering pasture blouse
Nobletown Vintage triple quartz cluster
Land's End Canvas pleated pocket skirt
I've been keeping tabs on my favorite things using tumblr, and it makes a great way to compile a cumulative wishlist.  After looking at them all together, I'd say dots are pretty high on my list this season.  I'm really loving the necklace for only $24 and the skirt for $40 would be versatile pieces I could wear year-round. 

p.s. Indy girls - did you know Land's End Canvas is sold at Castleton Mall?  I love their classic styling, but I want to see how their items fit (hopefully similar to J Crew, for a fraction of the cost).  I'm ready to go try on some of their cute fall outfits!

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