the intimidator

Every fall, my favorite sport to watch is soccer.  The perfectly crisp weather, changing leaves, hot chocolate, and snuggling in blankets while watching an intense match makes for a autumnal tradition.  After watching my husband, his younger brother, and both of my younger brothers play through the last 10 years, Ben will be wrapping up his senior year and I will no longer have a pull to go watch Blackhawk feels a little odd.

All that being said, we LOVE going to see Ben play.  He is the only keeper in the family, and this position leads to intense, momentum-changing saves in the box, penalty kicks, and the occasional shootout.  I am amazed every time I watch him play.  You see, Ben is my youngest brother by 8 years and growing up I was a little hard on him.  His enthusiasm for life and precocious personality were not endearing to his older sister (much to my chagrin).  As we've grown up and I've matured, I've learned to respect and value him for the daredevil that he is.  His enthusiasm, tenacity, and leadership come out on the field and in his daily life. 

If you want to see that he has personality...just check out his hair:

....not necessarily simple or classic, but it is perfectly him as a high school senior.  But wait....athletic symbols aren't allowed in IHSAA sports, so his hair got even crazier:

 The other teams had better watch out...he's an intimidator, inside and out. 

p.s.  Remember this story about Ben from last fall?  It changed his life and mine.

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