weeks 1&2 of our pre-christmas spending freeze

my current favorite Christmas photo (found here).

Ok - for the sake of accountability, here is a quick update about our spending freezeAbby and I are cutting back before the holidays (and in general). 

- no Target purchases: I had to stop by my local Target to pick up a prescription, and only bought some food and paper necessities.  However, I always end up regretting the food I buy there, as none of it is fresh.  I need to cut that spending out too.

- no home purchases: check.

- no clothing purchases: we did stop at JCrew in Chicago and bought a few sale items - two shirts for Zach and a scarf for me.  Other than that, check.

- find cheap date options: my family was in town on Friday and Saturday nights, so we haven't really had to do this yet.  I'm working on some fun ideas for this weekend though!

- drop off donation at Goodwill: not yet.  I need to work through the stuff in our basement and be in the mood to purge before this will happen. 

If you're cutting back too, link up with a post in the comments about how it's going.
Personally, I'm dreading all the fall sale markdowns - it's always my favorite time to shop.


Matt and Abby said...

Well, I bought a sweater from Lands End. I just couldn't pass it up, and it was 30% off. So it was $50.
That's it I guess. Other than groceries.
However, the sweater wasn't even in our budget so I guess I failed.
Good job for you though!

Lindsey said...

oh boy - I just bought a bunch of Arbonne products at a fun party.

epic failure.

in my defense - I've been breaking out, and something's got to give!

Matt and Abby said...

I understand that breaking out. That'll make a girl try anything!
I have to tell you what I did that literally eliminated my breakouts (except a certain time of month I get a few).
I cut out dairy from my diet. I actually was hoping it wouldn't work. Unfortunately it did.
Probably over a year ago I gave up all dairy for one month.
I have slowly reintroduced cheese (in moderation), ice cream and greek yogurt. I probably have several servings of those a week. I drink almond milk in my oatmeal and drink a glass of water with my cookie dough.
Now a glass of milk seriously creeps me out.
It saves me money on facial products and we spend less on milk.

Lindsey said...

oh! i need to try that, but i LOVE cheese. probably a little too much :)

if these products don't work, maybe i'll return them and try drastic measures :)

Matt and Abby said...

I hope your products work because giving up dairy really sucked for a while! Like I said, I'm used to it now but I really fought it.
You'll have to let us know how the Arbonne works.

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