tips: thriving in winter

 It snowed again last night....

Are you sick of winter and ready for all those spring catalogs to start popping up in your mailbox?

Normally, I would be right there with you ... but I'm trying to be present, soaking in each day (and not jumping ahead to what's next).  I suppose this includes the seasons too.  I don't want to simply survive this winter, I want to thrive.  To enjoy.  As Nichole said so much better than I could, "Don't write off the season, waiting for the next."

Let me be honest with you.  It is all a mind game.  I'm focused on being immersed in the wonder of winter -- without becoming cynical about the weather, or melancholy from the darkness, or sick of staying indoors. Want to see how I've managed it so far?

step #1 - change up the colors in our living room pillows (see the ousted color here)
step #2 - my parents generously updated our 1930s fireplace for Christmas.....genius!  I turn it on every day.
step #3 - invest in cute winter accessories since you'll wear them every. single. day. for months
step #4 - read.  minimize overdosing on TV and crack open a book on dark winter nights.

Surprisingly, these small steps have made a big difference in our attitude.  Any other tips for reveling in the moment (especially a wintry one)?

p.s.  I might need to do another post like this for February and March.  We have a ways to go until spring in Indiana. :)


alli/hooray said...

These are some great tips. I struggle with winter, too, here in Michigan. This year I've been trying to take it one day at a time and be as productive as possible - I agree that changing up colors in the house can make a big impact!

Lindsey said...

I love your approach - it is so easy to become too lazy in the winter.

jeny said...

Really like you positive thinking and your mantel. I am actually getting tired of my mercury glass mantel and this has challenged me to try something different. Hooray for winter :)

emilylime said...

Have I told you lately that I LOVE your blog? Please come make my house as chic as yours!

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