reflections on Homecoming 2011

little brother was the senior rep

This past weekend we headed to our hometown to see my  brother participate in Homecoming activities at the high school where Zach and I met.  I loved this school.  However, there is a certain point where it feels lame to be going back for Homecoming.  Surprisingly, I've reached that stage in my life where I want to have "moved on."

Too cool for school.

After a few years of living away from our hometown community, the "always-a-new-person" feeling has faded.  I am known here, and new relationships have become established.  Our city has familiarity and memories.  All these things are thrilling for a girl who has struggled with loneliness and homesickness.  We are home in our little bungalow in Indy ... so why head somewhere else for a homecoming?

But wise friends, you know that is a little too simplistic.

We walked into the same gym where we were high schoolers just starting to figure ourselves out and trying our luck with dating and love.  We sat in the bleachers surrounded by family, and suddenly - a shift happened.  There is something irreplaceable about being right next to those people who you love most - laughing, holding little ones, talking and remembering. 

Even with new roots forming in Indy, Zach and I both agreed that we were reminded of who we were.  We have changed tremendously and grown up (moving to an unfamiliar city requires that to happen) - still, our stories are deeper than that.  I hugged and talked with teachers and mentors I hadn't seen in several years.  I know they pray for me and care about me - and they truly know how I have grown up from being a tiny, awkward middle school student.

In the midst of relearning who I am - as an adult, wife, colleague, friend and child of God - going back reminded me that I don't need to start from scratch.  My history is valuable, and I shouldn't start from the day a ring was placed on my finger and we moved away from family and friends.  It's good to draw on the personality I have when I am known and feel valuable - and not just a personality for adapting to new surroundings.

p.s If you made it through this long post ... stay tuned for an update about my closet later today.


Dawn said...

Just came through here from Pure and Noble....glad I did.
Love remembering where I came from- but so glad I never stayed there;))

Love this post!
You 2 are perfect!!:)

Deb Yoder said...

loved you then, love you you always!

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