when in rome....

.... drink the free, delicious aqueduct water.

ok, for real - use a water bottle...(also this was after about 36 hours of not sleeping...don't judge :) )

...walk down loads of seemingly straight streets that all lead back to the Colisseum until finally finding the San Pietro Church. 
....during walk, stumble upon awesome side streets with huge vines hanging from wires.

 ...reward yourself with gelato (hint: if you see the word artigianale in the shop name, it is made on location)

...walk in and marvel at as many churches as possible - I seriously lost count, but each one was stunning.

....try to read the guidebook ahead of time, but you will inevitably stumble upon something old when you are least expecting it.  check it out and read the guidebook later.  oh, and take pictures of the name so you can remember it.

ancient ruins of a forum, which we later found out are right next to The Forum.

....take a siesta, then sightsee more at night.  it's much more romantic.  (more on our night walk later)

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