outfits in Paris

sweater  ::  madewell
skirt  ::  j.crew
shoes  :: gap
necklace  ::  nobletown vintage

  1. Even with all my planning, this outfit was a dud.  I forgot to check the weather, and spent most of the day freezing from the wind whipping through the city.
  2. I was trying to achieve an effortless, French girl look, similar to photos here, here and here.  I'm still not sure if it leaned towards a "schlumpy" though....
  3. This outfit saw me through the Metro, up the Eiffel Tower, down Rue Cler for picnic supplies, over to the Arc deTriumphe and Champs Elysses, and finally around through the Tuileries Gardens. 

jacket  ::  j.crew
jeans  ::  j.crew
shoes  ::  gap
necklace, earrings  ::  gifts

  1. The light as we walked back to the Louvre (open late on Thursday nights) was sublime, making for some of my favorite pictures of our whole trip.
  2. Although we had adjusted our outfits for the outdoor weather, no one mentioned that the Louvre would be stifling hot....you just can't win.

p.s. Find out why we were in Europe here!

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