2009 recap

Moments I loved {in no particular order}:

  • moving to a house in a Stars Hollow neighborhood
  • Ben's two soccer shootouts
  • starting Pilates
  • bike rides and runs along the canal
  • teaching Sunday school for 2nd-4th graders
  • letting myself love to read again
  • our vacation to California - I couldn't love travelling with anyone more than Zach
  • skiing in Utah
  • Ben's accident - did NOT love this, but I love that he was safe and protected
  • starting a blog to curb my loneliness and lack of self-expression
  • Fresh Market dates with my hot husband
  • anytime our families are all together
  • holding my cousin's new baby, and even more fun - watching Zach hold her
  • going brunette and getting a chop
  • exploring the IMA this summer and fall
  • birthday dinners at Cork-n-Cleaver
  • trying to grow herbs
  • a celebrity sighting
  • discovering the yummiest frozen yogurt
  • keeping up the Van Wert County Fair tradition
  • learning and practicing contentment
  • duckpin bowling on Zach's birthday
  • getting stuck in seaweed while wakeboarding
  • my lunch buddies who help me laugh through each day at school
  • lots and lots of my favorite stress-reliever: cooking
I realize that most of this is only important to me, but having it written helps me to remember and be grateful for every moment in this past year.  I tend to move through life quickly - always checking things off of my list and looking forward to what is coming ahead.  Reflecting and taking the time to document my experiences has been such a rewarding part of 2009.  If you are reading, thank you for spending some time to be a part of my life.  Your comments make me smile and are always an encouragement. 

I'm looking forward to 2010 with some resolutions I'll post later.

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