the pre-Christmas spending freeze is OVER!

a cozy Christmas farmhouse from an article full of holiday decorating ideas

As today is the 1st of December, we are officially finished with the pre-Christmas spending freeze.  I'll give an account of the weeks 6 & 7, but be warned - Thanksgiving break was full of online shopping.  Most of it was for Christmas gifts, but a little of it was breaking the rules (oops!).

- no Target purchases:   check.  This has been so liberating and probably the biggest lesson for me is that I do. not. need. to buy so much from this store.  The bright lights and stocked shelves attract me, but rarely do I love the things I buy there.  True - there are exceptions (like this dress) but I plan to stick to the essentials from here on out. 

- no clothing purchases:   uhh...this is where the holiday shopping comes in :)  I could say they were presents, but really I just couldn't pass up the free shipping at Homage and bought some new tees for us.  (Plus, I fully intend to wear mine before Christmas.)

- Goodwill donation:   check.  I finally took in 2 boxes and a bag full of items to the Goodwill drop off, and subsequently organized our basement.  It looks so much better now. I get a serious high from simplifying my home. (am I alone in this?)

- no home purchases:   check - sort of.  I did buy a Christmas nativity set for our mantel on ebay.  It is the same set my parents have and I LOVE it.  I couldn't pass it up.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've also been eyeing a gorgeous vintage lamp.  So far I've resisted, but I still wish I could buy it.

Over the past 7 weeks we have saved a lot of money, and it has definitely been worth it.  The timing was perfect with Thanksgiving.  I have a regained contentment for what we have - but more importantly a decreased dependence on consumerism.  We will keep up all these "rules" in the future but just not quite as strictly.  Thanks for the accountability, friends!

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Corynne said...

I love this picture! And that house is awesome!

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